CMS Safety Month

It’s The 2nd Year Of CMS Safety Month Campaign!








The slogan “UCUX” (You See You Act) roared itself for the second time with the theme – “To Enhance the Effectiveness of Safety & Health Committee”.

The objective of the campaign emphasised on the importance of safeguarding and managing workplace risks, ensuring that all safety and health measures are in place towards building a safe and healthy workplace.

The launching held in the first week of October, was successfully conducted in Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri. Safety banners and posters were handed-over by the Chairman of their respective Safety & Health Committee to Managers and Safety Representatives.

As with the previous year, Friday marked the day where employees proudly donned their striking orange-coloured UCUX T-shirt for the entire month of October. Safety banners and posters were also displayed at workplaces across the CMS Group.

The Safety Month Campaign was filled with excellent and exciting activities relating to Safety & Health.

Four sessions of Awareness Training were conducted on every Tuesday which covered on topics such as SHC Workplace Inspection & Audit, SHC Accident Investigation & ERP Management, SHC Roles & Responsibilities, Effective SHC Meeting, HIRARC and Effective SHC. Every Thursday, sessions on SHC Walkabout and Inspection which were conducted at CMS Quarries, CMS Concrete, CMS Cement, CMS Clinker and CMS Premix were conducted.

Other divisions also conducted their own awareness trainings which covered topics on PPE Usage Demonstration, Manual Handling, Fire Extinguisher Handling and First Aid Briefing, on the remaining days of the Safety Month.

CMS’ Safety Month Campaign provides an excellent platform for all Safety Officers and HSE personnel as it allows them an avenue to display their roles as in-house trainers.

With all of the overwhelming support and feedback received, rest-assured that next year’s campaign will be even better!